Psychism and astrology : the link

Psyche and astrology are two areas that seem to be very different but that can be linked. Indeed, some professionals in divination practice use these two domains to better determine the future and give more satisfaction to all the people who come to consult them. On this site, one can find information about psyche and astrology and learn to differentiate and recognize their points in common.

Psyche and astrology

It is a whole of the conscious and the unconscious. This concept can also determine affective and relational behaviors. An emotional movement can cause a disorder of a certain magnitude whereas an abstract idea can not cause symptoms. We need an energy that can only be emotional and of relational origin. Thus, psychic energy has nothing to do with the cognitive-representational domain. All of this can have impacts on a person's behavior. And on the other hand, there are also the stars that have influences on it. Already, the stars have influences on the characters of a person from birth. But as she grows up, according to the alignment of the stars, the different changes in her environment etc., her attitude can change at any time. She can make unconscious or conscious gestures using her psychic.

What can be seen on this site

On this site, it is possible to see two very different categories. The first is the "news" category. It includes all the novelties in the field of astrology and psyche. You can see the various astrological data on a daily basis of all the signs in all the domains (health, professional life, relational life, private life etc.). It can also find information about other divinatory arts. For the category "astrology", this is part of the site where you can find several information about astrology. Explanations of the meaning of all astrological signs, details about characteristics etc. are also available. If we have special questions or if we want to know more about a concept related to the psyche and astrology, we can find the answers in this site.

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